Mac os x 10.6.8 restore to factory

Why Restore Factory Settings?
  1. How to restore MacBook to factory settings after formatting hard drive
  2. Mac OS X (10.6 and before) - Resetting a Forgotten Account Password
  3. How to reset your Mac OS X password without an installer disc | MacYourself
  4. Ask Mac 911

They might want to sell an iMac and want to remove any trace of confidential or proprietary data from the computer. The restore process will also clean up an iMac infected with malware and viruses. Part of the Mac reformat involves unpairing any wireless Bluetooth accessories, including keyboard and mouse or other pointing device, if your Mac has them.

Without the Bluetooth devices, your iMac will need some other way to control the computer, so you will need a standard USB keyboard and mouse, at least temporarily.

When you have successfully restored macOS, you can pair the iMac with the Bluetooth devices again. The macOS restore procedure erases all your personal data. Any personal or company files, programs or settings will be completely erased. Before beginning, back up your Mac to an external hard drive or internet backup service to preserve any needed information, and to serve as protection if the restore process fails for any reason. If this is your own computer, deactivate your iTunes, iCloud, and iMessage accounts, if you have them. Deactivate iCloud through System Preferences and iMessage through the app.

Unpair any Bluetooth devices associated with the iMac. Im using OSX Can anyone help me. Any advice? I have tried command S a dozen times and the mac mini justs continues to turn on normally. I cant get into single user mode. THANK YOU so much this was very helpful i had gotten a mac from a relative years ago and wanted to boot it up but had no fricken idea what the login was, i used method three and it worked!

I went through the third method twice but once I started it up all that was on the screen was the boxes for name and password. Nothing worked for those boxes.

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I have a mac.. I am not that good, so please be gentle and clear in what I need to do. Many thanks!

How to restore MacBook to factory settings after formatting hard drive

Paul C. I have gotten through the entire process and it looks like it worked until I have to put in the password and then no joy. My old mac running on snow leopard I got to step 8, and after that, the first time I wrote sudo reboot. It shut down perfectly, then started up again in what looked like recovery mode, and then it shut down again. I can get in to single user mode, so I tried the whole procedure again, but with the same result. What do I do? Yay ty. Hope this also helps. I have tried the tricks above to reset the password or login as a new administrator, but have had no luck.

Any other suggestions? Hi I am currently trying to reset my passwd on mac os leopard Could someone help me gain access to my old mac please? I tried this : dscl. Thank you so much! This method worked like a charm. Anyway after trying numerous suggestions from the Apple forum that all failed, I stumbled upon this fix.

I have tried this option and cannot get into single user mode boots up as normal i am using leopard Could you help please. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

Mac OS X (10.6 and before) - Resetting a Forgotten Account Password

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How to reset your Mac OS X password without an installer disc | MacYourself

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What is new in Apple Watch Series 4? Top 10 Smartphones under in India. All Blogger Hosting WordPress. Trendy Apps of What are the new apps introduced with iOS 12? Latest Microsoft and Windows related Updates and News PC Mac. Power on or restart your Mac. Wait for the checks to complete before going to the next step. Type your desired password and press Enter. You will most likely have to enter it again to confirm.

Ask Mac 911

Rather than simply changing the password like the previous two methods do, this one fools the operating system into believing it has never been started before. Do not worry, all of your pre-existing data is still available. Just continue with this Setup assistant process and do not choose the option to transfer or migrate information to the Mac.