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  1. My Function keys are messed up. Volume & Brightness keys don't work!
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  3. Pick and Choose F-key usage (Brightness, Sound, Dashboard, etc.) on a Mac | Jeff Geerling

BTT author has added many cool features that you can use instead of our hand-made widgets.

mac volume keys not working (solution)

The bad news: our presets are mostly not working now. At the beginning we tried to update them for each new version of BTT, but there were so many incompatible changes that we gave up. So, just use this article as a guide and you will be able to create something even cooler. I am very proud that we had such an impact on touchbar customization and BTT itself. Thank you, guys!

Making the Touch Bar finally useful. For the whole year, I've pushed myself to use the Touch Bar. I've paid for that! Early renders from Martin Hajek. Cool Crap Name of track playing Deadly necessary feature.

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I'm always wondering what Spotify's Discover brings me. Bitcoin price No idea why this widget is so popular. Worthless distraction. Volume buttons Buttons rock. It's always faster to tap, not slide. Brightness slider Requires lots of space but used once a week when watching "Futurama" at night. Finder in one click I want to have instant access to Finder, anywhere.

Default Touch Bar can't do that. RAM usage Useless. That's natural. Here's the story of every single button. ESC forever! Sublime Text and Notes I've found out that I always use these two apps and want to access them from anywhere. Currently playing Spotify or iTunes track Standard Touch Bar will never support the most useful feature — to display the name of track playing. Reminders I do not practice a time-management. Weather My personal guilty pleasure is to see what's the weather outside now. The "coffee break" button Vital rule of the office life — block your laptop when leaving.

No need to explain this. No-slider volume Once again. In short, it's useful. Here's how my full config looks like:. Best way to Like my articles. Still better than giving all your data to Mark. Donate via PayPal. Food for my server You can help me pay for hosting, traffic, domain and other inevitable costs to keep this website spin.

For the like-minded We're telling people less and less that we share their ideas. That's why we all feel so lonely. New posts by e-mail No ads or spam. Best way to follow me for now. I will ping you with letter as soon as new post will appear here. Occasionally, I may spice it up with answering your questions or sharing insightful discoveries.

I've done the same ever since the first day I got my touch bar, I just added a keyboard shortcut to roll back to default mode, in some apps it's useful, some apps it's not. Esc is nice, but I would pay for a real Delete key at the very right If they wanted a dedicated widget display space, why not put two lcds in the unused area next to the touchpad below the keyboard? There are two solid 4" x 5" areas that could display widgets.

As for "interactive" sections, custom buttons should go on bars on the left and right sides of the keyboard. Oh there's two speakers there? Or put some stuff on the unused bezel where the CIA monitoring camera already is. But keep the goddamn function keys. Unless I'm mistaken, when using a fullscreen app, you can just hover your mouse where the menubar supposed to be and it pops up. That's how I check the time when in fullscreen. In response to your rhetorical question "What else do we have? You can leave Apple and its bullshit behind. Steve but then you have to use Windows. No thanks.

Hmmm, I'm trying to import your json but for some reason i get an error saying: "Sorry, the preset couldn't be imported as it seems to be in the wrong format". I'm using the version: 2. Nevermind, I found a workaround or actually I think this is how you should do it in the first place. I exported the default preset and overwrite the code in your json and import it back again. Sorry if that was the obvious way for anyone else.

Might be completely unrelated, but since you have put so much thought into the touch bar and the fact that it occurred to me while reading this article: How would you feel if the whole keyboard was converted into a touch bar board. Moving away from the mechanical keys to one's on the touch surface. I'm not a Mac user although love the touch and feel of the touch bar. Makes me ecstatic to think the whole keyboard can be given that look and feel. Maybe customisations can be made as mentioned in this article, but with more flexibility in terms of position from 1D to 2D space.

Anyway, wondering what are your views on this? AshNehete , if Apple makes a new MacBook Pro generation with a screen-keyboard as we see in the patents , it will be very sad for me. After all these years with Apple I will forced to look for another laptop, sorry. I can not imagine how it is possible to type on the screen just as effectively as on a physical keyboard. But it seems to me that this patent is made just to be here like thousands of other unused Apple patents.

To troll other companies or something like that. Maximum I believe that this can be an "absolutely new" device, something in between the ipad and macbook. But who knows. I don't really use the touchbar a lot personally but I'm also mainly using my computer docked with an external keyboard so it doesn't really bother me that much. BetterTouchTool author here :- Thanks a lot for the cool guide and for the critique which is definitely welcome and valid. I'm just starting to work on the Touch Bar functionalities again after having created them about a year ago.

I think you have an important point in that it should be possible to update widgets from outside of BTT. Triggering a custom url should be easily possible from within a Browser extension e. This will be available in the next alpha later today and I'd appreciate feedback on whether this helps your usecase boastr. Gave up on Apple a long time ago, but the following 3 'features' are unforgivable: 1. The touch bar 2. Trading all ports for USB-C including the mag-safe power connection, which could be its own sin 3.

My Function keys are messed up. Volume & Brightness keys don't work!

The new keyboard For the price, you can buy two Dells and set them up with your preferred Linux distro. Nicely done. Thanks for sharing. Doesnt work for me I love this blog post! One of the best I've read. Screw Apple. I just switched back to a Windows Machine out of frustration.. My whole preset is not that interesting, but I do have one super useful button that people might be interested in.

I have several external drives connected to a dock that I use with my MacBook Pro at my desk. When I want to disconnect the laptop and take it away from the desk, it's a pain to eject all of those drives manually, so I made a BTT button that disconnects them all and then opens a Finder window so I can see when it's done as a separate action following this script.

If you are a Safari user, and you've adopted using the reading list to easily remember and share articles between devices, I highly recommend adding an "Add to Reading List" button and a "Open Reading List" button. I use them all the damn time now! Kudos, on listening to Hybrid, one of my favorites :. One day my 17" MacBook will breakdown and I'll get this. Actually, I'll probably get it repaired again. It still does everything just fine. Works fine, nowadays. If you include buffers and cache, maybe, but why would you?

If so, I hate to break it to you, but that's a symptom of your ridiculously expensive laptop I know these seem like pointless gripes, but like You spend time in three separate places making fun of Linux users. What the heck does that accomplish? It would be cool to have this bar just below the menubar on the mac itself :- Any cool tools that can do that?

Just doesn't work I am afraid. Installed BTT. Imported your config. Touchbar remains the same. Got it working but I am not sure how. Quit the app. Enable Touchbar Support and it worked from then on. Just a heads up: if you're writing out the widgets yourself be sure to set the interval for the reminder widget to a high value.

Even at the default 5 seconds the impact was huge. Your article prompted me to finish mine.

Wrapping up

I'm using BTT in significantly different ways from you, but it's made me really depend on the Touch Bar. Hi, Just a quick question. The weather is returning a value which is too long. Do you know can I fix it? Thank you. Great presets, BTW. Secondly, this is a great article.

Video walkthrough

Great article - cheers! Can anyone tell me how to customise the weather widget for a certain location - in this case, Sydney Australia. Thanks in advance! Hi everyone. I'm still within the day grace period for this MacBook, and testing this tool would be the determining factor of whether or not I return it. Would hate if this did anything to prevent me from doing that.

Hi John, You can test any software you want, there is no way it would affect your warranty or return period in any way. Sorry, it looks like too much work for little result. I only interact with the touch bar when I sit down at the computer then I change volume and brightness and then I never look back. For me it's a no-touch-bar. Sure, I use the touch bar occasionally to access the escape and function keys when really necessary. But it breaks my workflow since I have to "look down" and figure out what is going on down there. I really avoid using it as much as possible.

It would be nice to have a system wide touch bar displaying custom widgets like clock, weather, cpu etcetera. But personally I would prefer it to display RSS news a like a scrolling text spanning the full with of the bar. I mean that would be a really useful since the dimensions are really optimal for scrolling text.

But this is Apple and their message to their customers is FU. I mean the users are not even allowed to change theme anymore. It really confuses me that the user is still allowed to change the desktop wallpaper. It doesn't make any sense, Apple wise. People should be working so they can buy more Apple products right, not changing wallpapers? I will wait for the hack that takes full control of the touch bar. Full width scrolling text, system wide, customizable.

Taking control of some space the corner is not for me. Nice work and effort but no. J 'try Billy' So you'd rather have a constantly distracting bar of RSS news instead of something actually productivity related? Well, each to their own I guess. I'd sooner want to physically destroy my touch bar than having it bombard me with news. I do agree that a better first-party user friendly friendly interface should be made for customizing the touch bar. Like what BTT does, just from Apple. Try this, it fixed a lot of frustration for me with using multiple spaces and switching apps: defaults write com.

Hey all! Non-technical guy here: all the JSON feeds uploaded here and on the github seem to be un-importable for me. Always get the "wrong file format"error after trying to import prefs. Is there a trick I don't know about? Bart , creator of BTT constantly changing preset format, so our jsons are breaking after each update. I'll keep trying or contact the dev directly. Are your presets are breaking after each update even once they've been imported? Having so much always on static content on the touch bar sounds problematic regarding burning the screen. Wouldn't this be a problem?

Great article, you changed my view on the touch bar! I downloaded your config file and had a small problem with long titles in the Spotify widget so I edited the script to cut song titles with added terms like "Mono Version", "Remastered ", etc. You feel like playing a text RPG when coding. I put them in original keyboard positions so I could still use muscular memory. I don't even use the esc, because it is too far away for any vim user.

Btw I have caps lock binded to esc. I don't see the necessity for any other keys on a touch based interface that is right next to a bunch of switch mechanisms which make them comparably easier to be triggered unexpectedly, often. For launching an App I always use Alfred, not even dock.

I reserve dock probably just for my colleague, in case I need to pass them my laptop. Now I just want my normal keyboard back. Typing is a disaster, as bad as the touch bar. And no MagSafe? Fk it. However, the only thing I'm missing from my previous keyboard is the sense of touch. The key to escape, too. Thanks for your post!

Pick and Choose F-key usage (Brightness, Sound, Dashboard, etc.) on a Mac | Jeff Geerling

It's quite useful guide for me. That is too much easy to use. Please check my blog about AOL Mail. Great article, thanks. Awesome stuff really. Just got my MBP and I was already starting to despise it. Now it looks nice and is quite functional. I moved the temperature and time together and added negative padding to get them closer together.

If there's no Spotify running I think the Spotify app icon could display to open it up. OK I've discovered gestures thanks to Andreas from the forum. The information you provided made work easier. Keep sharing such insightful information. Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search….

New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter BoA Start date Apr 30, We don't like Ads much either, but they do help cover the costs of running the site. Please consider turning off your ad blocker. Thank you. BoA Registered. This thread is running on the Apple Support forum as well The issue is with the brightness keys and the brightness slider controls. It appears that after the In my case the attached screen lost the ability to adjust brightness It looks like two things have happened We've tried repair permissions, rebooting, new users After applying a patch to Tiger, I found my brightness and sound control keys on the keyboard were non-operational at some indeterminate time meaning I rebooted the laptop several times and eventually noticed that my sound and brightness keys weren't working Curiously, while the brightness and sound control keys were not working, I also noted the brightness slider control was missing form the System Preference Panel for Display.

Others have noted this issue as well [1] -- but I couldn't get a login account on their site to post a response [1] -- which is why I am posting it here on MacFixit. I have a proposed workaround to this problem. My workaround is to reboot the machine, and during the reboot process, tap on any of the brightness or sound keys once every two seconds. However, this is the strangest part: I've replicated my workaround three times. Which means I re-created the problem wherein the sound and brightness keys weren't working.

Finally, a last surprise : I can no longer re-create the problem -- because I finally managed to remove the Application SimonSays from the dock -- and it remained off the dock after reboot. What I did was to log in, disable all startup items in my login prefs. Then I logged out and logged in again.