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JeroenWiertPluimers Yes, in fact that is the main purpose for me. Use the Plop boot manager : From the download page , download 5. Jeroen Wiert Pluimers Jeroen Wiert Pluimers 1, 9 9 gold badges 34 34 silver badges 51 51 bronze badges. But I'll approve yours. Oh sorry, I didn't read the link from your answer; just typed down what I found out yesterday myself. Please feel free to copy my answer to yours and I'll delete mine and upvote yours.

JeroenWiertPluimers I have tried this using this with parallels 8 on mac, with plop 5. When I tell plop to load a usb device, it just hangs. I have also tried making a mv out of plop, same failure point. JeroenWiertPluimers Parallels 9 seems to have fixed this issue. Do you recommend deleting my first comment to prevent confusion? JeroenWiertPluimers, ner0 gives more elegant solution. John John 1, 8 8 silver badges 17 17 bronze badges.

As long as the system supports a boot from USB drive then this will work. I misunderstood your question, I think what you were looking for can be found in the answer you chose. Once you have the Plop boot manager working you can use whatever flavor of linux you would like, assuming I understood your question right this time. Another thing, if you decide you don't like damn small linux you can always check out puppy linux, they share a similar mantra.

VirtualBox allows with tricks. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. Featured on Meta. Feedback post: Moderator review and reinstatement processes. Post for clarifications on the updated pronouns FAQ. Linked 3. Related Hot Network Questions. Question feed. The program is available in the boot manager download area. Feature list: Command line interface, ideal for batch programs and a gui frontend.

A fragmented boot manager file is no longer a problem. I rewrote the loader program to fix that problem. The program contig is no longer required. You can easy use different boot manager binary files. For example, one windows boot menu entry is the default boot manager file and another entry is configured to autoboot usb. The user must only reboot to see the new boot menu entries. Those batch files can also be used as example how to use plpbt4win. New features: Boot the MBR of the first internal hard disk.

Press in the main menu "q" and use the first option. Its seems to be too dangerous, especially for windows users. The licence has been changed for 5. The boot manager is still free for personal and non-commercial use, but not free for commercial use! Maybe I give 5. This should avoid hangs on builtin webcams. Booting from 2nd, 3rd or 4th hard disk activates now an int13 driver that swaps the hard disk drive number. Updates: Boot manager init routine updated.

Some USB driver updates. Better MAC support. Bugfix: USB Driver memory allocation bug fixed. The driver didn't detect usb drives on some machines although 5. New main menu hotkey ALT-u. You can skip usb devices before the boot manager identifies the device. The usb driver must be small and has no full error handling implemented. Sometimes, the boot manager hangs during the usb device identification because of the missing error handling.

Mostly its because of internal bluetooth adapters. With ALT-u you are able to skip those devices. When you don't always want to press ALT-u to skip the devices manually, then you can set the number of devices to skip in the boot manager setup. The setup option to skip mass storage devices has been replaced with the new feature. Why wasn't that implemented earlier?

The edit of the boot flag hard disk number in the "linked partitions" setup became useless and has been removed. Updates from 5. Graphic card init bug fixed. Update of the number of hard disk drives in the bios data area for booting usb reactivated. Linux Kernel Command Line support for plpbt. USB drivers updated. ISO files in floppy emulation mode are removed from the zip file.

Extention drive parameter scan for USB drives added and recalculating the number of hard disks. USB drivers updated to report the extention drive parameter v3. Main menu hotkey was not working for the last visible profile, its fixed now.

Now, the program reports a warning when plpbt. New parameters are hiddenusb, hiddencdrom, skippcmcia, fastpcmcia. You can run it in a hidden mode without any screen output. Support USB 3. It's a graphical frontend for plpcfgbt. When people like it, then i will create frontends for other tools too.

You find the plpcfgbtGUI. I updated the zip files today. Boot Manager updates: CPU usage heavily reduced. The boot manager page will be updated when 5. The updated readme. I added the option -compress. The size of the option rom for your bios will be less than 32kb and the boot manager has still all features.

This is useful when you use dos and another usb driver. When you hold the CTRL key pressed during startup, then the boot mnager waits at the end of pcmcia init. Good times, bad times. The pcmcia test1 version was not working very well outside my cave. It worked on some laptops with a single pcmcia slot, but it didn't work on any laptop with 2 pcmcia slots.

What a luck, I have 7 old laptops. I bought most of them because of the usb test stuff years ago.

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Two of them have two pcmcia slots a thosiba notebook and a ibm thinkpad. The others have only one pcmcia slot. My development version after test1 was finally working on all single slot laptops. But it totally failed on all dual slot laptops. I don't know how many hours and days I spent to find the problem. It was so hard and at the end so easy a simple wait that the card power is clean. Currently I am able to enable and access the slots and read the usb drive from the usb pcmcia pccard on the toshiba notebook.

I haven't tested it on the ibm thinkpad, but when it works on all of my laptops, then the next test release will be available. Maybe today, but now its time for a drink. Update: Booting from the usb pccard works fine on the toshiba notebook. But what a surprise, the ibm thinkpad makes troubles.

That means, the new pcmcia test version is delayed. I was busy and had no time for the test version. Currently I have one laptop and I know from another where my pcmcia code is not working. But I will fix this. Today, I successfully booted from a pcmcia usb card with usb 2. Another guy and I have to test the new feature on some other machines, but currently everything looks good. I think the next test version will be available for download on saturday. The current test version works fine, so I think the next stable version will be available next week.

I never thought that its so easy. The pcmcia system is a great system. It looks like, the next release will have a long awaited new feature. It was not easy to get such a book see earlier posts. I took only a quick look on it, but I didn't start to write any test program. One month ago I got a mail from netherlands about pcmcia support and a trick.

There was a missunderstanding about the trick and it was not useable to create a real implementation and I didn't followed that way. But pcmcia was still in my mind and motivated me last week to do something. With the help of the book and the hardware I was able to create a simple and small test program and now I am able to activate the pcmcia usb card and read data from it. I will release a new boot manager test version soon :. I fixed hang bug that is happening on some machines during the graphic init.

I added a new feature to the plpbt. Icecube had the idea and now you can set a few parameters with the Linux Kernel Command Line. Use it with "append" in lilo, syslinux and grub. I created a simpe script to create new iso files when you modified the plpbt. Download plpbt-createiso. Added the option to start the network rom. Cpu usage reduced. Code optimized. I am proud to tell you, the next release will have a new unbelievable great feature!

You will be able to start the network option rom from the boot manager main menu. The new hotkey "n" does the same. Its no longer required to activate the bios boot menu to use network boot. So many times I had to activate network boot and had to press the bios boot menu hotkey.

I hated it. In the development boot manager version I simply have to press "n" or select the menu entry! Plop Boot Manager 5. I fixed a small bug. Booting the 2nd, 3rd and 4th logical partition was not working. You should update the boot manager if you use it to boot from usb. Discovered by michiganbroadband when using wintoflash. Forum entry. From time to time, people ask to boot logical partitions.

Now I added this feature. If the installer was started under windows, then there comes an info message that it cannot run in a windows dos box. I added a new feture for the binary version. You can activate a startup hotkey. If you don't press it, booting continues without the boot manager. This is fixed now. I also updated the harddisk detection. It's only a cosmetic change and should change nothing about the boot manager behaivour.

See here. Version 5. A startup bug detected by Bertola and his Macbook is fixed. Another bug that happened sometimes when booted from network is fixed too. Because of multiple requests, I updated the installer to install the boot manager to other disks than the first one.

Its required if you install from USB. Mostly it works and then it stopped working. I don't know why and how fast I can fix it. First tests are looking really good. If there are no big troubles and I find enough time, then I will release a version next week. There will be 2 versions in the future.

All 3 USB drivers updated. Installer can setup the boot manager to boot in textmode. Thanks to Icecube. Sorry, the new release is delayed. So I try to fix this and some other things. The UHCI driver was very slow on that machine. Sombody reported it in the forum at page 3 you can see the pain and success message from me.

Loading of zeroshell linux grub, kernel and initrd needed about 40 minutes or longer. Now I updated my driver with help of the real hardware and now grub, vmlinuz and initrd of zeroshell are loaded within 10 seconds! Yes, seconds and not minutes! Cool, or?

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I hope the driver works with others too. Plans for the next release: usb booting will not be limited to the first mass storage that is found. I plan to add some stuff that makes it possible to boot from the second, third, But I have to kick out some things that are not really required from my thinking.

The installer will be updated too. It gets a new option to setup text mode booting for harddisk installations. Sometimes there are troubles to init graphic mode on old machines. Its fixed now. Thanks to walterav for reporting the bug. Now its 2x faster. The driver update will be in the next release.

You want to test the new driver? Then contact me. Source code completely rewritten. Minor partition id menu update. Special int19h function see here. Caching mechanism for fast USB 2. False positive NOD32 mbr warning fixed. I fixed the problem and it works in my test environment. The fix will be in the new test version. I wrote a simple cache mechanism to get very fast access to sectors of the usb device.

Video Tutorial:

Now it's really fast. I modified only the EHCI code. The test version can be seen as stable. The result is a performance boost :. Currently, the modifications are working only in a development environment. I fixed the false positive report of NOD Reporting write protected media. You can place it on a ROM ex. Networkcard ROM and start it from the bios. Inspired by George uleak. A test version is available for download.

There are some changes between the rc18 and this release. EHCI driver updated and fixed a hang problem on some boards. I added 2 new hotkeys for usb booting. You have to press them when you press "u" or using the usb menu entry. Use CTRL to wait for a key before booting the operating system. Wrong LBA values are calculated on high cylinders.

plpbt.bin - LiveCD and other ways to start the Boot Manager

There where a missing HAL. DLL message, or the message of a corrupted boot. Now its fixed. I updated some memory management of the boot manager The install program wrote a wrong boot device number in the profiles for operating systems that are not on the first harddisk. To add the new features and fix the bugs, it was required to kick out some text. Now the list of partitions in "select id from list" has been shrinked. Development will continue.

I am sure, there are still controllers those are not working and there will be 5. I have ideas for 5. Improving USB 2. On some chipsets its not as fast it could be. But unfortunately, there is no design guide available as for usb. If I am wrong, please tell me. I tried to buy some books at pcmcia.

But all this are only ideas. I dont know if I ever realize something! Here is an article about the Plop Boot Manager for italian people. This week comes an update that fixes an ehci initialization hang problem on some controllers. This bug make sometimes problems hal. There will be two new hotkeys for usb to force usb 1. Now there is a workaround if my NTFS routines are not working.

TXT of plpgenbtldr for more infos. The bug makes problems on a few USB controllers. This means, soon comes a RC There was a bug with big partitions. Thanks to Raymond raymond. Updated plpgenbtldr for starting from Windows boot menu. New tool plpcfgbt is available for Windows and Linux to configure the boot manager binary. Updated the manual. Now there is only one zip file with all images and binaries available.

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Imagefilenames have been changed. The documentation update needs more time.

Plop boot manager problem (on Virtualbox) - port 1 device connected. then hangs & freeze

If you can't wait longer, you can receive the new boot manager on request with the contact form. Tomorrow comes v5. I think again it's the last RC. I used the last 3 days for improving the boot manager, the installer and a new tool. There are new cool features for customizing.

People that remaster the boot manager for their use will love it. With v5.

Plop Boot Manager News

Today i added a feature to start the boot manager direct from grub. I tested it with the original grub and grub4dos. The workaround with a virtual floppy image is no longer needed. Plop Boot Manager v5. CDROM driver updated: There was a problem of detecting a cd if a boot cd is in the second ide cdrom drive USB drivers: Fixed reporting wrong geometry of harddisks and big usb sticks.